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Heat Treating Services for Medical Applications

Heat treating is a valuable technique that can be used in various parts of the manufacturing process to improve the native characteristics of a metal component. By heating a metal or alloy to a specific temperature and allowing it to cool, manufacturers can impart additional properties, such as resistance to wear and tear. There are many different types of heat treating, including hardening, annealing, case hardening, normalizing, and tempering. Each of these processes results in various desirable properties that make heat treatments critical for a wide range of industries, including the medical industry.

Importance of Heat Treatment for the Medical Industry

Medical device heat treating is a critical process for equipment used in applications requiring biocompatibility, high mechanical strength, and long-term corrosion resistance. Heat treating helps establish the required fit, form, and function for a medical device while ensuring conformance to the medical industry’s strict standards for reliability. Metals including titanium, cobalt-chromium, stainless steel, and other alloys are commonly used for medical manufacturing. Cobalt chromium, which is commonly used for medical implants, requires heat treatment to strengthen the device and ensure it lasts a lifetime.

Stainless steel is another popular metal in the medical field that offers many advantages over other choices. It provides enhanced corrosion resistance, ductility, and is strong enough to withstand near-constant cleaning and sterilization. It is critical to choose a manufacturer that understands how to impart and safeguard these key mechanical properties. A mistake can lead to a defective tool that can negatively impact the results of a procedure.

Heat treating is critical for various medical devices such as implants, surgical tools, and more, to ensure optimal mechanical properties.

Common Medical Applications That Undergo Heat Treatment

Heat treating is a vital and necessary process for devices used within the medical industry, such as medical implants, dental tools and appliances, and surgical tools. Medical device heat treating results in aesthetically pleasing tools and devices with minimal distortion and precise final mechanical properties. Applications include:

  • Battery contacts
  • Bone saws
  • Bone screws
  • Capacitor cans
  • Cases
  • Clamps
  • Clips
  • Hip implants
  • Knee joints
  • Shields
  • Sidelocks
  • Tip inserts
  • Modular taps
  • Orthodontic cutters

Why Partner With S.M. Engineering & Heat Treating & Heat Treating?

S.M. Engineering & Heat Treating & Heat Treating has been a trusted provider of certified custom heat treating services for 50 years. We are a leading innovator in heat treatment, ensuring the highest levels of quality with superior artistry and customer satisfaction. Our extensive experience in annealing, hardening, and quenching allows us to heat treat many types of metals and plastics depending upon customer requirements. From implants to dental tools to surgical devices, S.M. Engineering & Heat Treating & Heat Treating provides the heat treating solution that delivers optimal results.

Choose Innovation, Experience, and Industry Expertise

S.M. Engineering & Heat Treating & Heat Treating has an innovative vision, decades of experience, and deep industry expertise. Our engineers understand how chemical composition and thermal processing affect medical products’ physical and mechanical properties. We guarantee our work, providing charts and certification documents as part of our quality assurance process for customers in many industries.

S.M. Engineering & Heat Treating & Heat Treating’s verifications and certifications include:

  • ISO 9001 Certified
  • Certified Calibration Services
  • Johnson & Johnson Validated
  • Zimmer Validated
  • Deputy Validated
  • Aerospace Heat Treating Capabilities

Our team of experts is here to inform and advise on the optimal processes to ensure your products achieve the results you require. Contact us today to learn more out about heat treating services for the medical industry, or request a quote to start your order.


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