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Conveyor Furnaces: Types, Features, Benefits

Furnaces are like giant ovens; they generate heat in a controlled manner through the combustion of a fuel source. Some furnaces are used to heat spaces and building establishments. But, as for most furnaces, they are used for many applications in the commercial and industrial context, mainly to harden, cure, and temper workpieces.

At S.M. Engineering, we specialize in making different furnaces, from bell and pit furnaces to salt bath furnaces. On the other hand, the conveyor furnace is one of the best-suited furnace types for factory applications we manufacture.

What Is a Conveyor Furnace?

A conveyor furnace is designed to heat and process components and other workpieces as they pass through at a uniform rate. It has a linear and tunnel-like design, which consists of a conveyor belt that passes through the tunnel structure. This furnace type can either be loaded or unloaded by hand or connected to a much larger conveyor system.

The conveyor furnace’s main advantage is its ability to move workpieces through annealing, brazing, enameling, glass-sealing, and hardening stages. It does this safely, efficiently, and without human intervention. Because it is well-suited for continuous operation, this furnace type can help streamline production.

A conveyor furnace tunnel is typically divided into zones. Each zone has a different ambient temperature and maximum heat required to process the workpieces.

Benefits of a Custom High-Temperature Conveyor Furnace

S.M. Engineering develops custom high-temperature humpback conveyor furnaces that provide enhanced heat treating and bright material stabilization because of a negative dew point in the atmosphere.

The highlight features and benefits of our conveyor furnaces include the following:

  • Provides electric heat options.
  • Has single or multiple access doors for loading and unloading.
  • Has advanced controls/HMIs for easy operation.
  • Has electronic technology for excellent temperature uniformity that reduces energy costs. Uses only durable and high-quality materials during production and design.

Design Features of S.M. Engineering’s Conveyor Furnaces

The standard design features of our custom furnaces include a heavy-duty and stable steel frame and a high-quality inconel muffle.

S.M. Engineering’s custom conveyor furnaces and other furnaces can reach temperatures up to 1,350 °C or 2,460 °F. Our furnaces also feature pulse firing for better temperature uniformity, energy savings, and advanced data acquisition systems.

Other Types of Furnaces at S.M. Engineering

Aside from conveyor, belt, pit, and salt bath furnaces, S.M. Engineering also specializes in the following types of furnaces:

Box Furnace

A box furnace is mainly used for curing, heat-treating, pre-heating,, and tempering. This furnace type features a pulley counter weight door. It is also well-suited for heavy loads and is loaded through a manual hearth or other manual loading processes. Box furnaces are seen in most industrial applications as it is available in various  electric versions that uniformly treat large material volumes. SM box furnaces can be controlled with an atmosphere dissociator and can be added for bright work.

Tempering Furnace

A tempering furnace is used in conjunction with quenching furnaces to achieve the best balance of strength and elasticity for processed material.

Contact S.M. Engineering for Your Furnace Needs!

As the world’s finest furnace maker, S.M. Engineering designs and creates high-quality and durable furnaces that suit the needs of our clients. Our offerings include belt furnaces, multiple tube furnaces, batch furnaces, pit furnaces, and more. Apart from being atmosphere-preserving, all our furnaces are also equipped with quality components and up-to-date digital microprocessors.

At S.M. Engineering, you’ll find the right heat-treating furnace, no matter the material or process you’re using! Contact us today for your high-quality furnace.