Multiple Strip Tube & Furnace Heating Alloy Strip Quench Furnaces

For over 50 years, S.M. Engineering has been providing customers in various industries with custom manufactured furnaces. We offer custom design and fabrication of multiple tube furnaces, for wire and furnace heating alloy strip quench annealing processes. These horizontal furnaces include round muffles and coolers, low watt density elements, and a manual nitrogen purge. Added available options include independently controlled multiple zones for increased capacity, high limit temp controls, SCR power control, PC interface, electric or gas firing heat source, and water cooling functionality.
Our furnaces accommodate all metals for treatment, in sizes down to .002” thick and maximum temperatures of 1800 °F. Industries including electronics, jewelry, chemical filtration, automotive, and coining among others have taken advantage of our furnaces to treat their product lines. S.M. Engineering specializes in the design and fabrication of the highest quality furnaces available at competitive rates. For more information about our custom multiple tube furnaces or the other custom work we provide please see the table below or Contact Us directly.

Furnace Capabilities

Product NameMultiple Tube Furnace
FunctionWire Annealing
Strip Annealing
ComponentsRound Muffles & Coolers
Low Watt Density Electric Heating Elements
Manual Nitrogen Purge
OptionsCustom Designs
Wire Annealing
Multi Zone
Safety Controls
High Limit Temperature Controls
Silicone Controlled Rectifiers (SCR)
Power Control
Computer Interface (PC Communications)
Automatic Nitrogen Purge
Cooler OptionsStainless Steel
Low Nickel Stainless Steel
Furnace Muffle OptionsAlloy 330
Alloy 600
Alloy 601
Muffle ShapesRound
Control SystemDigital Temperature Controls
Heat SourceElectricity
Gas Fired
ChambersHermetically Sealed
Electrical RatingAll KW Ratings
All Voltages
Heating ElementsNichrome 80/20
Wire & Ribbon
Silicon Carbide Glow Bars
Maximum Temperature1800 °F
2100 °F
Materials HeatedAll Metals
ThicknessDown to .002 in
Lead Time12 to 18 weeks

Additional Information

Product NameMultiple Tube Furnace
Industry Focus
  • Electronics
  • Jewerly
  • Chemical Filtration
  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Aircraft
  • Wire
  • Coining
  • Stamping
  • Strip Metal Manufacturers
  • Tubing Manufacturers
File FormatsAutoCAD