About S.M. Engineering – Leading Furnace Makers

From convenient and economical 9′ tabletop models to highly customized 90′ units, S.M. Engineering is the world’s finest Annealing Furnace Makers, including Belt Furnaces, Multiple Tube Furnaces, Batch Furnaces and Retort Pit Furnaces for solving a variety of electronics strip annealing, brazing and heat treating problems for electronics annealing, automotive and jewelry manufacturers. We offer an extensive line of atmosphere conserving furnaces, all crafted with quality components and the most up-to-date digital microprocessors. Since our founding in 1958 we’ve been providing the electronics, jewelry, metalworking and automotive industries with imaginative and responsive engineering assistance.

Choose from numerous furnace designs that are ideal for critical work requiring low dew points. No matter what your process is, or the metals or alloys you’re using, you’ll find just the right heat treating furnace at S.M. Engineering. Call the leading furnace makers today and learn how we can help you cut costs and improve quality.

All units are built in the United States and shipped worldwide.