Custom Annealing Heat Treatment Furnace Service & Repair

Mini 6 with 100 CFH Dissociator Furnace

Heat Treat Furnace Repair & Heat Treat Oven Services

At S.M. Engineering, we offer calibration and service of furnaces and heat treat ovens. With over five decades of experience, in addition to heat treating furnace repair, we have the ability to rebuild, or modify current furnaces to fit changing needs.

Trusted provider of certified heat treating services for the medical, automotive and electronics industries

Heat Treating Metal & Annealing Heat Treatment Service

We provide certified heat treating services for various industries including medical, automotive, and electronics among others. We offer local pick-up and delivery, as well as shipping of treated parts using trusted carriers.

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Over 5 Decades of Industry Experience

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Industry Experience

Since 1958 we’ve been providing the electronics, jewelry, metalworking and automotive industries with imaginative and responsive engineering assistance.

Free Consultation

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US Products

All units are built in the United States and shipped worldwide.

Fast Results

Rapid turnaround times for manufacturing of proprietary parts.

Innovative Solutions

The finest solutions for electronics annealing, automotive, jewelry manufacturers and more.

High Quality Products

Ammonia Dissociators

Custom designed ammonia dissociators for use in metal processing across a spectrum of industries including jewelry, electronics, automotive, and military to name a few.

Сonveyor Belt Furnaces

Custom continuous conveyor belt furnace, used for continuous and uninterrupted processes of annealing, hardening, brazing, soldering, glass sealing, and enameling.

Pusher Batch & Quench Furnaces

Our pusher batch furnace and pusher quench batch furnaces are all under atmosphere, and designed for use in annealing, hardening, and stress relieving of metals.

Strip Quench & Multiple Tube Strip Furnaces

Custom design and fabrication of multiple strip tube furnace for wire and strip quench furnace annealing processes.

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