Brazing Services 101 — Function, Types, & Benefits

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In the manufacturing sector, there are many methods of joining materials together. One of the most commonly used is brazing, which utilizes molten filler material to join metal or ceramic pieces. Below, we provide an overview of this process, outlining what it entails, the various types available, and the key benefits it offers, while ensuring […]

Tooling and Precipitation Hardening for Steel | Firearm Industry

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The firearm industry relies on tooling and precipitation hardening to deliver steel with enhanced properties such as hardness, strength, and resistance to high temperatures. Shifting barrels and other malfunctions are unacceptable, so heat treatment is a necessity to provide accurate and long-lasting firearm parts. Here, we will discuss how tooling and precipitation hardening work and […]

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Heat Treating Services for Medical Applications

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Heat treating is a valuable technique that can be used in various parts of the manufacturing process to improve the native characteristics of a metal component. By heating a metal or alloy to a specific temperature and allowing it to cool, manufacturers can impart additional properties, such as resistance to wear and tear. There are […]


4 Types of Heat Treating Processes

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Heat treatment is a process that uses controlled heating and cooling to modify the crystalline structure of metals and metal alloys. Depending on the material and treatment process, heat treating can provide numerous benefits, including enhanced hardness, increased temperature resistance, greater ductility, and improved material strength. Heat treatments are a critical aspect of metal fabrication […]