Custom Pusher Batch Furnace & Quench Batch Furnace

At S.M. Engineering, we offer custom engineered batch furnaces that can be used in various industries. Our pusher batch and pusher quench furnaces are all under atmosphere, and designed for use in annealing, hardening, and stress relieving of metals. Our furnaces are built with digital temperature controls including solid state electronic on-off proportioning, and current proportion systems. In addition, programmable logic controlling (PLC) systems or other customized controls also available. Main power control options include on-off contactors and silicon control rectifiers (SCR). Batch furnaces are produced to heat all metals up to 24” wide, with heating element options of nichrome 80/20, wire and ribbon, or silicon carbide glow bars, to maximum temperatures of 1800 °F – 2100 °F.
The typical lead time for a custom pusher furnace is 12 – 18 weeks. Our products are fully tested and calibrated, constructed with parts made in the USA. We use our expertise to create innovative and economical equipment for our customers. We are a third generation family owned company dedicated to customer service and high quality furnaces that are reliable and easy to maintain. For more information about our custom batch and pusher batch furnace fabrication or our other capabilities please see the table below or Contact Us directly.


Product Name Batch Furnace
Function Annealing
Stress Relieving
Types Pusher Batch
Pusher Quench
Components Manual Nitrogen Purge
Options Automatic Nitrogen Purge
Cooler Options Custom Designs
Mild Steel
Stainless Steel
Low Nickel Stainless Steel
Furnace Muffle Options Alloy 330
Alloy 600
Alloy 601
Muffle Shapes Rectangular
Reinforced D Shape
Corrugated D
Control System Digital Temperature
Heat Source Electricity
Chambers Hermetically Sealed
Electrical Rating All KW Ratings
All Voltages
Temperature Controls Solid State Electronic ON-Off Proportioning Current Proportion
Power Controllers On-Off Contactors
Silicon Control Rectifiers
Heating Elements Nichrome 80/20
Wire & Ribbon
Silicon Carbide Glow Bars
Maximum Temperature 1800 °F
2100 °F
Cooling Water
Tank Material Stainless Steel
Quench Tanks
Material Form Flat Stock
Coiled Wire
Short Tubing / Hollow Shapes
Materials Heated All Metals
Width Up to 24 in
Testing Functional
Lead Time 12 to 18 weeks

Additional Information

Product Name Batch Furnace
Industry Focus
  • Electronics
  • Jewerly
  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Aircraft
  • Wire
  • Coining
  • Stamping
  • Strip Metal Manufacturers
  • Tubing Manufacturers
File Formats AutoCAD