Heat Treat Oven Service & Heat Treat Furnace Service

Experienced provider of calibration, service and furnace repairs
At S.M. Engineering, we offer calibration, service, and repair of furnaces. With over five decades of experience, we have the ability to rebuild, or modify current furnaces to fit changing needs. Work can be completed at our state of the art facility, or off-site. Emergency repair is always available. We will troubleshoot or give technical support via telephone, in English or Spanish.
Our fully stocked parts department carries parts for competitor furnaces as well as our own equipment, including muffles, conveyor belts, heating elements and ammonia dissociator retorts. We offer rapid turnaround times for manufacturing of proprietary parts. Specializing in heliarc welded of muffles and coolers, as well as retort reconstruction.

S.M. Engineering routinely performs a full line of testing on furnaces including water cooler hydrostatic testing, retort pressure, and flow testing to name a few. Our experts are also fully versed in programming high precision Honeywell instruments. Customers in such industries as automotive, medical, aircraft, and aerospace have trusted us to maintain and repair their furnaces. To learn more about our repair and service capabilities, as well as our other specialties, please see the chart below or Contact Us

Calibration, Service & Heat Treat Furnace Repair Capabilities

General CapabilitiesOn-Site
Emergency Repair
Technical Support
Replacement PartsMuffles
Conveyor Belts
Temperature Controls
Water Cooling Chambers
Heating Elements
Dissociator Retorts
InstrumentationHoneywell Instruments Programming
Repair TechniquesHeliarc Welded Muffle & Cooler Repairs
Retort Reconstruction
TestingBench Testing
Field Service Calibration
Water Cooler Hydrostatic Testing
Retort Pressure and Flow Testing
Temperature Profiling

Additional Information

Product NameAmmonia Dissociator
Industry Focus
  • Electronics
  • Jewelry
  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Aircraft
  • Aerospace
  • Coining
  • Wire
  • Munitions
  • Strip Metal Manufacturers
  • Stamping
  • Tubing Manufacturers
File FormatsAutoCAD